Tales of 2nd life yarns

Some Future Posts (Ideas)

K, so taking a quick break from studying….or lets say gave into distraction from studying for a test.

Future posts I would like to investigate in 2017

What’s the best typically available acrylic yarn? OK I know, acylic isn’t usually my thing but, I do own a ton of it, just like you. Before I go destashing it, I want to know which holds up the best in the  washing machine, which detergent works best. Some things I want to know:

shrinkage, pilling, grabs other fibers, keeps color and luster, keeps garment texture and or shape, what’s it’s performance after say 30 wash cycles? OOH 30 day project…..So that’s one idea

Yarn substitutions with locally available yarns, talking abou the craft Yarn Council and the European version of the same.  Also get into Yarn Counts, Grades, TEX, Microns etc. all these words that I come across when reading about yarns.

Dry Clean ONLY? I hate Dry cleaning. What is it, what does it really do to our fabrics and fibers, what is it doing to our environment, what is the realistic alternative in the 21st century?

Luxury Fiber Police….yes it’s a thing, That cashmere better really be cashmere for $350 bucks! Truly, there is a profession that investigates luxury fiber content claims on products. I can’t recall the organizations name but lets call them the luxury Fiber Police, and I am glad they are there ensureing the quality of our purchased items. Wish I could say the same about skeins of yarn.  This does lend well to 2nd life luxury fibers. If the item was sold in the US, as a luxury fiber, chances are, the company producing it has met the standards required of luxury yarn item labeling…..Ha I did learn something reading the Textile Act!

I have the opportunity to speak to textile professionals at a local university, It’s time I visited!!!

So these are some dreams I have about where my blogging should go! Hope to get there, some goals for the new year, albeit early.



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